A Medicare Expert’s Insights Into Avoiding Penalties And Pitfalls

Welcome to episode #16 of Social Security: Answers From The Experts with Martha Shedden. In this episode Martha sits down with John Norce and they talk all things Medicare as John shares his extensive knowledge about the program and gives out lots of information about the major questions people have.

John Norce is the founder of Medicare Portal, an insurance agency specializing in the education and enrollment of individuals into Medicare. During his 30 years in the insurance industry, John’s experience has assisted thousands of clients experience a seamless enrollment into Medicare. His extensive knowledge of Medicare uniquely qualifies him to be a certified Continuing Education Instructor where he provides continuing education classes on complex topics such as navigating Medicare and what it means for beneficiaries as well as key professional service providers


Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

●Information on John’s background and why he decided to help people with Medicare.
●Information about how Medicare and the services John can provide works state by state.
●How covid has affected how John can provide the services he can.
●What do people need to know about the Medicare process before they retire?
●When should somebody contact someone like John, and when exactly does someone’s Medicare benefits kick in.
●The type of person that reaches out to John for help with their Medicare situation.
●Information about the two types of Medicare and information about what the penalties for not signing up correctly are exactly.
●Information about Medigap and how that works with Medicare benefits.
●Information about Medicare for business owners and what they need to know.
●The most common myths about Medicare.
●How will the vast retirement of baby boomers every day affect Medicare moving forward.

Relevant Links:

Connect with John or Medicare Portal:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-norce/
Phone: 703-214-4600
Email: info@medicareportal.org



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