You may think you’ve done

“You may think you’ve done all your “research” and you know all you need to know about claiming Social Security benefits. More than likely, this is a false sense of “security”. Though there was much I did know, it was great to have this confirmed…with data, by Thomas Drapala. There was also one very important…

Thomas was the resource I

“Thomas was the resource I needed when I was doing my research on the timing of when my wife and I should start our social security payments. His information was very detailed and very clear. He made this decision an easy one! I am very appreciative of the knowledgeable assistance.”

I had a wonderful experience

“I had a wonderful experience working with Mia. I have seen how dedicated, knowledgeable and patient she was with educating clients in retirement planning especially in making decisions regarding their social security benefits. She answered all the questions we had and showed all the options and applicable scenarios. I highly recommend her!”

Cliff is easy to talk

“Cliff is easy to talk to. Answered all my questions. If I had a question he couldn’t answer immediately, he researched it and had the answer the next day, if not sooner. Cliff is passionate about helping people navigate the Social Security system and for them to determine what is best for them financially. I…

Susan Jeanguenat

“I feel very fortunate to have found Mike. My husband and I have been going back and forth about whether I should take my Social Security early or not. I was amazed by the report Mike presented to us! Social Security showed my Full Retirement Age as 67 but based on our individual situation my…

Edna Leo

“Melissa Warren was EXCEPTIONAL at hearing my issue and immediately being able to direct me to the answer. Awesome and best use of 10 minutes EVER! Couldn’t find the definitive answer ANYWHERE else.”