Bob Jordan

“We had a consultation regarding Social Security benefits with Norm. Our situation is unusual, but he is very knowledgeable and answered most of our questions immediately. Regarding a couple of arcane issues, he said that he would do some quick homework and get back to us. We heard from him the same day with answers….

Bill Genna

“I worked with Melissa Warren. She provided outstanding service. The information I received was detailed and extremely valuable to me that allowed me to make the correct decision. I greatly appreciate how I was treated. Outstanding experience.”

Diana Jarvis

“Tom was so patient and helpful. We feel like we have a clear picture of our options for retirement. He took away the confusion and helped us to relax about the big decisions we need to make. God was good in directing us to a place where they were very knowledgeable, patient and kind.”

Aret Summit

“Norman from RSSA took time to run through various scenarios with me and explain how earnings affect the SS benefits when claimed early. I am very happy with the advise and clarifications I received from RSSA. Highly recommend!”

A. Bryson

“As a non US citizen living abroad with a deceased US husband I had no knowledge of how to apply for survivor benefits. Dane Anderson was an invaluable source in guiding me to make such an application and thoroughly researched all the complexities of my status to enable me to submit a SS application with…

John DeBernardi

“I would highly recommend Rssa, 1. Advisor was very courteous and very through great information and presentation 2. Answered all my question and concerns about filing for SSI 3.A detailed report was presented and articulated with all questions answered great Job! 4. Additional free resources were presented 5.If I decided to need a future change…

Marc Welch

“Melissa is friendly and very knowledgeable about SSA benefits and rules. She was respectful of my time and punctual. She offered an open invitation for future questions that may arise. I felt valued and she was very patient with me.”