Team Recognition

Here's what enrolled RSSAs have to say about their experience.

I wanted to introduce myself and thank you for your training so far. I passed the final exam yesterday and was there for your webinar today and look forward to the one tomorrow. I am a Medicare and a Life Insurance/annuity guy.
The aspect of the RSSA that I have heard you mention that stands out to me is the way that you change your way of doing business. I am not going to lie, I’ve been just calling older life insurance leads yesterday and today and I went nowhere on the life insurance script but when I dug deep just a little about their Social Security, we got talking. And now I have potential cross-sells. I can easily see how valuable it is already.

This is a valuable service that you provide, and worth every penny. Your promptness is appreciated.


Thank you for your help! I really appreciate you. You have mountains of patience is what I know.


My business really grew up with RSSA programs.


RSSA has been a game-changer for us.


Stunning, 20 minutes of on-point information. A credit to your organization… Fortunate to have stumbled on your professional association.


I am so appreciative to both of you for the tremendous support through this process. You have always gone above and beyond to help me stay on course. Providing the resources you do, has made the difference.


Thank you for that long and detailed response. Very helpful, as you usually are!


Thanks again so much for all your support – it has been a tough couple days. The software is amazing and I really enjoy it and look forward to exploring and using all your resources and expertise to get my service to clients up and running. I hope the modules and testing is behind me -😊


Awe…, thanks… You have all been so helpful…..I did not expect it to be so MUCH…..but I am certainly enjoying learning this. Your help has been MUCH appreciated.


Thank you for all of your help, you have been awesome as a resource throughout this process. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to complete this after my technical snafu.


I got a 95.3% on part 1 and 92.5% on part 2. Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you.


Y’all are the best 😊


Thank you, Awesome! Your customer service is excellent!


I am excited to tell you I passed the certification exam today. I cannot thank you enough for your prompt, detailed responses to my questions. Your support was priceless and the edge that helped me pass. I truly appreciate you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All the best


Thank-you. You went above and beyond, and I truly appreciate it! Have a great day!