RSSA Roadmap Social Security Optimization Software

Social Security Optimizer

Easily increase benefits by tens of thousands of extra dollars.

It’s more than a calculator. RSSA Roadmap® is Social Security Planning Software that will help you maximize a Social Security claiming strategy to increase lifetime benefits. We guarantee it’s going to save you money and get you every dollar you are entitled to from the government.

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RSSA's use RSSA Roadmap® Social Security Software

With the RSSA Roadmap® Optimization Software, you’ll maximize a Social Security claiming strategy to increase lifetime benefits, and will be provided with a unique Social Security plan.

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Determine the Maximum Benefit Filing Strategy from Hundreds of Options

Make Better Decisions with RSSA Roadmap® Software

The RSSA Roadmap® experience includes: claiming strategy options for each eligible year; monthly, annual and lifetime benefit amounts for each option; impacts of future earnings; spousal and survivor benefits; benefits for children limited by family maximums; longevity scenarios; Pensions – WEP and GPO; detailed illustrations of how the benefit is calculated; and much more.

RSSA Roadmap® - For Individuals and Families


Single Client Use

Maximize your Social Security with confidence. Just answer simple questions, and the RSSA Roadmap® will guide you through your planning.

  • For Individuals and Families i
  • One-Time Purchase for Lifetime License
  • Roadmap Optimization Wizard i
  • Break Even Calculator
  • PIA Calculator
  • Powerful reporting i
  • Social Security Q&A Tool i
  • Cloud-based software
  • Live RSSA® Support
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RSSA Roadmap® - Advisor Version


Unlimited Client Accounts

Handle the most complex Social Security analyses with the RSSA Roadmap® - Advisor Version, so your clients get every dollar they're entitled to.

  • Unlimited Client Accounts i
  • Break Even Calculator
  • PIA Calculator
  • RSSA® Case Support
  • Client License Starter Pack i
  • Powerful reporting i
  • Limited Marketing Support i
  • Cloud-based software
  • Enterprise Solutions Available i
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Software Built for Trusted Advisors: Financial Advisors, Tax Professionals, Insurance Professionals, & Lawyers

RSSA Roadmap® software takes the complexity out of the analysis and helps clients determine when they should file and start collecting Social Security based upon their unique situation and historical earnings records. Everyone’s situation is unique. Whether you or your client are single, married, divorced, widowed or a self-employed business owner, RSSA Roadmap® will help everyone get every dollar they’re entitled to from the government, and maximize their Social Security benefits.


Easily understand how timing affects benefit options. When is the best time to file for benefits and how much will I get? Divorced? Filing on an ex-spouse may increase benefits, but by how much? Will future earnings change my benefit? How much does a pension reduce benefits? Planning is simple and easy with RSSA Roadmap®.


Couples have options, so don’t miss out. Understand what they are and how much they vary. If a spouse wants to file early, will it reduce benefits when one lives alone?  A big age difference may pose a problem. What about children? They may increase your benefit. See how much and for how long with RSSA Roadmap®.


Retirement or survivor benefits, which should be taken first? What’s the best option? Still working or thinking about returning to work; will earnings reduce benefits? Will benefits change when remarrying ?  Survivor benefits for minors or children with disabilities? Get help using the RSSA Roadmap®.

Compare Software Editions

Choose the software version that best fits your needs.

RSSA Roadmap® - For Individuals and Families RSSA Roadmap® - Advisor Version
Unlimited Client Analysis - Yes
Editable Word® Doc Output - Yes
Heatmap - View Every Filing Option Yes Yes
Compare Multiple Strategies Yes Yes
Complex Strategies Yes Yes
Earnings Test Yes Yes
PIA Calculator Yes Yes
Monthly/Annual/Lifetime Benefits Yes Yes
Pensions - WEP and GPO Yes Yes
Survivor Recommendations Yes Yes
Future Earnings Impact to Benefits Yes Yes
Break-Even Analysis Yes Yes
PDF Report Output Yes Yes
Web-based Software Yes Yes
Software Support Yes Yes
Social Security FAQ Yes Yes
RSSA® Case Support Yes Yes
Client License Starter Pack - Yes
Client Licenses for Purchase - Yes
Client Data Share - Yes
Marketing Support - Yes
Enterprise Solutions - Yes
RSSA Roadmap® - For Individuals and Families


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RSSA Roadmap® - Advisor Software


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We’ll help you decide on the optimal time to collect your benefits.

With hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of filing options, getting the most from Social Security can be a complex decision. As an individual, couple, or family, you can use RSSA Roadmap® to be confident in your anticipated benefits.

"The information I received was detailed and extremely valuable to me that allowed me to make the correct decision. Having RSSA Roadmap® run all the scenarios gave us great peace of mind. All our questions were answered and we could build our plan. So happy we decided to do this."

At the completion of your analysis, you will be provided with a comprehensive planning report outlining your benefit considerations in a way you can easily understand; with instructions for when and how to file, calculations, definitions, and much more.

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Need help? Work with an RSSA® for comprehensive Social Security planning & back-office services.

Would you prefer to work with an advisor? An RSSA® can do the planning for you and provide you with a complete Social Security filing plan. Our team of Registered Social Security Analysts® are providing comprehensive planning and support to clients nationwide. The RSSA® team can serve as a back-office solution for advisors providing Social Security income planning services to their clients. Learn how an RSSA® can help you.

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