The 5 Elements of a Comprehensive Retirement Plan

As a registered Social Security analyst (RSSA), I understand that Social Security is like an insurance product and, for many people, their largest asset, that will pay them a guaranteed, inflation-adjusted monthly income for life. It therefore makes sense that insurance agents are in the perfect position to be RSSAs. Life and health, long-term care and Medicare insurance are a vital part of retirement planning. Under the right circumstances, similar to insurance, annuity products can be an excellent retirement financial tool since they provide the guaranteed income for life that cannot be created from a traditional portfolio.

Published by Pamela Kweller, RSSA®

Pamela Kweller is the Content & Community Manager at RSSA. She is also certified as a Registered Social Security Analyst®. The mission of RSSA is to help Americans get the maximum Social Security income they have earned, enabling them to enjoy their lives more fully. Contact Pamela: