I’m a Financial Advisor: Why You’re Probably Wrong About Social Security Cuts

“Is this report saying Social Security would go bankrupt? Not exactly. Martha Shedden, president and co-founder of the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts, said, “Social Security cannot ‘run out of money.’ Money is continuously being paid into the trust funds by those who are currently working, and those funds are providing the current benefits for retired, widowed and disabled individuals.” That doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a negative impact. If no action is taken by policymakers, there would be disruptions to benefits if the trust funds did become totally depleted.”

Published by Pamela Kweller, RSSA®

Pamela Kweller is the Content & Community Manager at RSSA. She is also certified as a Registered Social Security Analyst®. The mission of RSSA is to help Americans get the maximum Social Security income they have earned, enabling them to enjoy their lives more fully. Contact Pamela: pkweller@rssa.com