Here’s What the Average Social Security Payment Will Be in 15 Years

“Most retirees plan to collect Social Security at some point. For people whose retirement is still a ways off, you may wonder what an average Social Security payment will look like in 15 years when you’re finally ready to retire or close to retirement. To figure this out requires a little bit more than straightforward math, according to Martha Shedden, a CFP and president and co-founder of the National Association of Register Social Security Analysts. According to Shedden, the current average Social Security benefits is around $1,900 monthly. No one can precisely predict what the economy will look like in 15 years or whether inflation will stay steady, but with the help of calculating software, they can make an educated guess.”

Published by Pamela Kweller, RSSA®

Pamela Kweller is the Content & Community Manager at RSSA. She is also certified as a Registered Social Security Analyst®. The mission of RSSA is to help Americans get the maximum Social Security income they have earned, enabling them to enjoy their lives more fully. Contact Pamela: