7 Benefit Adjustments That Could Help Save Social Security

“Americans who fear for the future of the Social Security program have a number of good reasons to do so, starting with the simple fact that the primary trust fund used to pay retirement benefits is set to become depleted as soon as 2033. However, as stressed by Social Security experts including Marcia Mantell and Martha Shedden, there are also reasons for a measure of tranquility, including the realization that the Social Security program isn’t actually going “bankrupt,” as media reports and pundits commonly suggest.”

Published by Pamela Kweller, RSSA®

Pamela Kweller is the Content & Community Manager at RSSA. She is also certified as a Registered Social Security Analyst®. The mission of RSSA is to help Americans get the maximum Social Security income they have earned, enabling them to enjoy their lives more fully. Contact Pamela: pkweller@rssa.com