Enhance Your Business or Practice

Become an expert on Social Security. Get continuing education and become a Registered Social Security Analyst.®

Meet a Huge Demand

More than 75 million Baby Boomers will collect Social Security — 10,000 per day are claiming. They will need personalized answers on when and how to claim their benefits in a way that optimizes their overall retirement and financial situation. Be positioned to help them through our continuing education courses or by becoming a Registered Social Security Analyst.

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Tax Professionals

Create Year-Round Revenue

Adding Social Security advisory services transforms a seasonal tax practice with a year round client opportunity. As a Registered Social Security Analyst, you can provide a Social Security analysis at any time during the year. Similar to a tax return, the final billable “product” you provide your client is a written custom analytical report that enhances your relationship with your clients.

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Financial Advisors

Bring New Assets
Under Management

Retiring seniors represent the wealthiest segmentof the population. As a Registered Social Security Analyst®, you’ll differentiate yourself from other advisors. Provide seniors with the answers and strategies they need to maximize their retirement income. Being an RSSA is a great gateway to gain new clients and bring assets under management and advise your clients on retirement planning.

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Get Ongoing Social Security Education

Keep up to date with the latest in Social Security and Medicare regulations and claiming strategies. You’ll have access to a library of continuing professional education courses that you can take online anytime.

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1. Take 5 Modules

The self-study online tutorial program includes training, software, and resources.

2. Receive Your Credits

Learn advanced Social Security strategies and software to better serve clients.

3. Pass the Exam

Pass the competency final exam to become a Registered Social Security Analyst.