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An Exclusive Opportunity for Insurance Agents Only Turn Social Security Prospects Into Your Clients. Lockup Your School District Territory Today As an RSSA Social Security Adult Ed Instructor

We train you and provide you with the curriculum to become the known and recommended Trusted Social Security Expert in your Community. We register you with your school district, library and community center to hold seminars and classes - Hundreds of Baby Boomers a year will attend your seminars and classes to optimize their future Social Security Benefits. And those same individuals will meet you one on one for Retirement Planning and Insurance

Become a Registered Social Security Analyst®


Become a Social Security expert and earn your RSSA® Credential.  As a insurance agent, this program gives you a highly competitive edge with baby boomers moving into the Social Security Medicare eligible age who wish to optimize their benefits.

The RSSA® program trains you and offers continuing support, as an insurance agent specializing in Social Security Advisory services. 

  • The RSSA® program gives Medicare insurance agents the competitive edge with baby boomers moving into the Social Security Medicare eligible age.
  • We will teach you how to increase an individual’s lifetime Social Security benefits by tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars by making the right claiming decision!
  • We provide you with the software and back-office advisory support – everything you need to grow your book of business and transition Social Security prospects into  your insurance and retirement planning clients.

Sign up for the Social Security education, training, and software program for Medicare Insurance Agents.

  • Learn to generate professionally written client reports that will optimize the Social Security benefits of your clients, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.
  • Learn basic and advanced concepts of Social Security.
  • Practice enhancement, and trademarked marketing tools provided to grow your business.
  • Includes everything you need to know about Social Security to pass the RSSA® Competency Final Exam and turn Social Security prospects into Medicare Clients.

Want referrals from CPAs?

  • The RSSA® Social Security education and training program is the only program that guarantees independent Medicare Insurance Agents introductions to local CPAs.
  • CPAs are the greatest referral source for Social Security and Medicare professionals.
  • After earning your credential, you will become the go-to professional for Social Security Advisory services in your network.

Broaden your reach and get more Medicare leads…with a billable service.

  • Fill seats at seminars and webinars using our RSSA Roadmap® Client Planner – helping prospects and referrals optimize their Social Security Benefits.
  • Learn to help business owners pay less in payroll taxes without sacrificing future Social Security Benefits.
  • An RSSA® can bill comparably to what a tax preparer may charge for doing a tax return, or more…this is an incredible new revenue stream that creates Medicare leads.

Differentiate Yourself & Your Practice

Strengthen Current Client Relationships

Attract & Acquire New Clients

Inform Client Retirement Goals

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