Can I work with an RSSA in a different state?

Published: February 15, 2024

Full question: My and I are entering the retirement phase of our life. My wife is 64 and I am 62. We are both still working. We live in NC and we are interested in receiving a consultation in preparation and strategies to applying for our SSA benefits. But I am cautious instead focusing on strategies and concerns I feel like selecting a RSSA will turn into a selling pitch for insurance products. Under this website it appears there are 8 RSSA’s in NC. I would love to meet the RSSA in person but I may have to get one out of State, will this make it more difficult?

Hi there,

You have very valid concerns and good questions.

Our RSSAs work remotely with individuals in many states. With email and Zoom meetings, the process is very secure, efficient and no less comprehensive at all.

Our RSSAs are financial, tax, insurance, reverse mortgage and many other types of retirement professionals.

We train our RSSAs to help their clients make the most optimal claiming decisions. A couple’s analysis is more complex and will include examining spousal and survivor benefits.

We also stress that Social Security income planning is an educational service, separate from any other professional advice or products they may offer. You can contact several RSSAs to get an idea of how they work and that should help you choose one.

If you need further assistance, contact and we can guide you in the right direction.

Take care,

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