Can I supplement my income by working past the age of 70?

Published: April 20, 2022

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Yes, you can work past the age of 70 to supplement your Social Security income. Working past age 70 may or may not affect your Social Security income.

Depending on your income, your Social Security could be subject to federal (and state, depending on where you live) taxation.

Your future income even has the potential to increase your Social Security benefit after you start collecting if your earnings are replacing any of the 35 years!

Please keep in mind, if you are working while collecting and are between the ages of 62 and your Full Retirement Age (FRA), you will be subject to the Retirement Earnings Test. During this time, if you earn more than the earnings limit for that year, your Social Security benefit will be reduced. While your benefit will be reduced during that time, the money is not truly lost. Your benefit will increase at your Full Retirement Age to account for benefits withheld during that time.

Much of this depends on your unique circumstances so please reach out to an RSSA if you want personalized advice.

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