We are dual US-UK citizens. What benefits are we eligible for under the totalization agreement?

Published: March 14, 2023

Full question: My husband and I are dual US-UK citizens living in the UK since 1996. We are unable to forecast my husband’s retirement benefit, as the SSA online tools only provide for citizens who have earned a minimum of 40 credits and need to calculate WEP. In my husband’s case, he did not earn the 40 credits prior to leaving the US in 1996 and, therefore, qualifies for benefits under the Totalisation Agreement. The issue we are having is that we have not yet found an advisor who can help us to forecast using the Totalisation formula. If your organisation can help, or if you are able to point us in the direction of an appropriately specialized advisor, that would be very greatly appreciated. Our understanding is that my husband qualifies for benefits under Totalisation based on the below:

  • D.O.B 1964
  • Living and working in the UK since 1996
  • Prior to leaving the US, he earned more than 6 QCs but fewer than 40 quarters.
  • His combined U.S. and domestic periods exceed the statutory minimum in effect in the UK


Hi there,

Thank you for your question about totalization Agreements.

Yes, for those who qualify, totalization agreements do get rather confusing.

Our in-house RSSAs have helped many clients with totalization agreement cases. We can help you understand what you are eligible for, the impacts, and other considerations.

Please reach out to Tom Drapala, on my team, directly at Thomas.Drapala@rssa.com for a complimentary initial consultation and insights as to how he can help you.

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