Bill Arnone Shares His Extensive Historical Knowledge On Social Insurance

Welcome to episode #18 of Social Security: Answers From The Experts with Martha Shedden. In this episode Martha sits down with Bill Arnone and Bill share’s his extensive knowledge about America’s Social Insurance programs (Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, etc.).

Bill Arnone is the CEO of the National Academy of Social Insurance. A founding Member and former Board Member of the National Academy of Social Insurance, Bill is now contributing his expertise in retirement security and employee benefits law by serving as Co-Chair of the Academy’s 22nd Annual Policy Conference, Beyond the Bad Economy: Jobs, Retirement, Health and Social Insurance. Arnone was a Partner in the Business Tax Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP, specializing in Employee Financial Education and Counseling. Before joining Ernst & Young in 1994, Arnone was a Benefit Consultant and Director of Retirement and Financial Planning at Buck Consultants.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:
●Information about how Bill got into politics and why he decided to study law but not become practice law at all.
●How Bill made the switch into helping others’ “financial well being” through consulting private companies.
●The unfortunate truth that people do not plan for their retirement in a smart way.
●Information about the National Academy Of Social Insurance.
●The generational challenge that repeats itself in terms of the social insurance programs that people can partake in.
●The four pillars of social insurance, and what they are aimed at addressing.
●How can America create a “short income” for everyone at every stage of life, no matter the route in life that American takes.
●A look at the “Millennial Myth” that Social Security and Medicare won’t be there for younger Americans when they get older.
●How has covid-19 affected the social insurance programs, and what does this mean for the next unforeseen catastrophe?
●What soon-to-be retirees can do to actually improve their retirement finances (and common mistakes).

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