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Enhancing Tax Strategies and Client Trust
Through Social Security Optimization


Enroll today and pay only $2,329 $2,029 for the RSSA® package.
* Regularly $3,379
Over $1,000 in Savings

You receive eLearning ($1,800), RSSA Final Exam ($350), first year NARSSA Membership ($479), and RSSA Roadmap® Client Portal: 30 Package ($750).

Jumping the market and being able to speak with your target demographic will create an endless engagement funnel of 10,000 Baby Boomers per day, who are going to be claiming Social Security for the next 15 years.

RSSA® is a structured turn-key Social Security education, technology, marketing, and support program, to help your organization build a deeper holistic analysis of every facet of a clients financial plan.

  • Identify retirement needs early on for clients
  • Mitigate risks to your client’s plan
  • Create client relationships that are loyal
  • Fill seats at educational events
  • Grow a new pipeline of sales opportunities, leveraging RSSA® Social Security Optimization tools.
  • An RSSA® Social Security advisor will learn how to identify current and future sales opportunities.
  • Effective lead generation and event marketing starts with RSSA Roadmap®.
  • Integrate this software as a holistic approach to retirement planning, leading to increased sales.

Enroll today and pay only $2,329 $2,029 for the RSSA® package.

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Turn Social Security Prospects into Clients with RSSA Roadmap Technology

RSSA Roadmap – Client Portals

A Holistic Approach to Lead Generation

What is the RSSA Roadmap Client Portal?
As an RSSA®, you can provide clients and prospects with access to their very own RSSA Roadmap® portal. Clients and prospects can login and securely enter their data and begin optimizing their Social Security benefits. As clients enter their information, it automatically syncs into your RSSA Roadmap® dashboard, making the process of managing and gathering client data easy and efficient. The Client Portal is not only a time saving tool for an RSSA®, but it’s also a simple way for your clients to stay organized and current with any changes to their Social Security plan.

This turn-key approach is ideal for RSSAs directing clients and prospects to get started maximizing their Social Security benefits. With the RSSA Roadmap Client Portal, they’re equipped with a system that simplifies client engagement, enhances marketing efforts, and optimizes advisory services, paving the way for business growth and client satisfaction.

Plug and Play: Start with 30 free invites connected to your unique RSSA webpage to understand the Portal’s value in generating business, then continue engaging clients with a cost-effective fee structure.
• Cost-Effective Engagement at $25 per Client Portal invite.
Efficient Data Management: Automatically sync client data with your dashboard, simplifying follow-up and engagement.

The RSSA Roadmap Client Portal can be distributed to prospects at webinars, seminars, direct mail, on your website, in an email, and Google/Facebook advertising campaigns, and much more. Have prospects get their free Social Security plan and consultation to ensure they maximize their benefits and get every dollar they are entitled to from the government. This conversation in helping someone understand their Social Security benefits and learning when to apply for benefits, will organically open up doors to further conversations about their financial and retirement goals – and it all starts with the RSSA Roadmap Client Portal.



NARSSA is quoted regularly in Barron’s, MarketWatch, US NewsThink Advisor, Investment News, CNBC, TheStreet and Smart Asset.

The RSSA® Social Security Program for advisors is approved in all states for CPAs by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, for EAs and PTIN holders by the Internal Revenue Service, for CFPs by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, for the AIFAIFA and PPC credentials by Broadridge Fi360, and for Insurance CE Credits on a state by state basis. Click here for state specific insurance continuing education monitoring requirements, forms and other information. See CPE Credit Requirements for sponsor information.

NARSSA has educational partnerships with:

  • Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP)
  • National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)
  • The Financial Planning Association (FPA)
  • National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA)
  • Financial Services Institute (FSI)

NARSSA has created a comprehensive and professional set of tools, resources and marketing assets including one on one back-office advisor support which will successfully walk an advisor through a process that will significantly position them as an Authority in the Social Security space. This then translates into building a qualified pipeline of prospects for Insurance, Investment and Wealth Management sales.

Social Security Optimization is the bridge to retirement planning. It is a powerful approach which will fill a funnel for investment & other insurance products like annuities for years to come.

Education, empathy, and a compassionate understanding of where a client is on their life journey, and addressing what they’re worried about is essential in today’s world and requires a holistic approach that uncovers client motivation by letting them know that you sincerely understand them and care for what is in their best interest.

NARSSA’s cloud-based software, RSSA Roadmap®, can be white labeled for enterprise. The customer journey is tracked by the appointed advisor in a collaborative environment using a dashboard and notifications, and this process will reveal aspects of the client’s current financial status. This information will provide an advisor pertinent data to guide clients accurately, intelligently, and holistically through one of the most important financial decisions that they will ever make: when to claim their Social Security benefits. The discovery process allows the advisor to advise on Insurance & Wealth Management recommendations which are in their client’s best interest.

This strategy is a paradigm shift and is a game changer for an advisor and the company they work for. It is a Blue Ocean opportunity.

Enroll today and pay only $2,329 $2,029 for the RSSA® package.

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