Thanh-Thuong ChuChe

Pending CE Completion

World Financial Group
2099 Gold St Ste 100
Alviso, CA 95002, US


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Professional Profile

Thanh-Thuong is a Financial Professional, Registered Social Security Analyst, and Instructional Designer. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Gonzaga University, a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and a Master in Business Administration, both from Seattle University. Her work experience includes counseling, program management, leadership development, financial literacy curriculum development, instructional design, entrepreneurship, and financial services. In all of Thuong’s work, she aims to inspire, empower and mentor others to take action in personal, professional, business and leadership development. 

Thuong’s passion is to empower and inspire others to bring their best, which in turn inspires those around them to do the same. She’s gifted with the ability to build and maintain trust and inspire collaborative working relationships.

As a financial literacy and financial services professional, Thuong is passionate about bringing financial education to individuals and families to empower them with the knowledge and tools to take charge of their financial future. She journeys with individuals, families, teams and organizations to empower them to build and strengthen their financial foundation. Thuong helps clients shape their financial goals and strategies for saving and growing money to realize their goals, such as children’s education, retirement, vacation, home down payment, debt management, and more.

As a leader, manager and convener, Thuong engages team members in active learning, challenge them to apply skills, and keep them energized throughout the lifecycle of their shared goals and program. She listens and reflects to help teams work together toward program effectiveness and outcomes. Thuong’s strengths include experience in business planning, ability to bring organizational structure to projects, and ability to track progress and make the necessary course corrections. 

Thuong’s commitment is to exceed your expectations—colleagues, collaborators and clients alike often state that they appreciate receiving more support and rewards than they had imagined.


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