Rommel B. Ramos


Registered Social Security Analyst
2099 Gold St
Alviso, CA 95002, US


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Doesn’t it make sense to understand your options when it comes to one of your biggest asset in retirement? 

For many families, their Social Security benefits represent the biggest source of income to fund their retirement! The scary and shocking part is that many will claim their Social Security benefit without understanding when is their best claiming strategies. Furthermore, not realizing the amount of money that they have given up!

With so many claiming strategies, and it varies from individual to individual, it is worth your time to understand what your options are when it comes to claiming your Social Security benefits!

As a proud Financial Literacy campaigner, let me help you get a better understanding of one of your most critical financial decisions by showing you detailed reports, based on exhaustive software computations, the ideal timing to claim your benefits, any tax implications, and how your other assets come to play. Let me show you how you can optimize your Social Security benefits! Let us get together, and make an informed decision about your future!

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    Most People Leave Money on the Table


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    Very few people get all the Social Security they deserve.


    Is Lost

    The average household is losing $111,000 in potential income.

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    Social Security gives you one chance to get it right – forever.

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    The combination of Rommel’s experience and RSSA’s software tools were very powerful and helpful. Rommel was able to provide us multiple scenarios regarding the impacts of drawing on Social Security based on differing longevity of each of us as well as others factors. He was able to answer all our questions as we went through the process. I highly recommend Rommel to anyone that is looking for sound, honest, fact-based guidance on Social Security or other personal financial questions.

    Brian Jobst