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I focus on retirement planning for women. I enjoy the unique challenges present in the decumulation phase of life and it’s relationship to longevity. For women, this phase is even more difficult because we statistically live longer and have less savings than men.

Retirement is a major life transition just like moving to a new area, getting married or divorced, having children or making a career change. What makes a retirement transition unique is quite simply uncertainty. Uncertainty always creates doubt, and doubt creates fear. It is scary to not know how long you will live and if your resources are adequate. How do you know if you have enough money to maintain your lifestyle, cover increasing health care costs, afford your home or leave a legacy? What if the economy is weak, Social Security becomes insolvent or Medicare benefits are cut? Where’s the best place to live out your life that is affordable and manageable? These questions are universal to all, but the answers are unique to each person.

I help women measure and evaluate their individual circumstances and incorporate them into their personal values and goals. Through this process, you will learn about capacity for risk not only in the stock market, but also with aging and declining health. Along the way, we’ll find the best tax planning and investment strategies to minimize expenses while optimizing outcomes. We’ll stress test your plan for market crashes and long-term care events. We’ll determine the best way to deliver income. And we’ll build an estate that brings the most value to heirs and honors your final wishes. The result is a custom, comprehensive financial plan that can reduce anxiety and guide decisions to approaching and living in retirement. Learn options and actions that make sense for you, and ONLY you.

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