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Melody Power has received training in Social Security regulations, including claiming strategies for different situations. After taking the comprehensive course, Melody has passed a proctored exam in order to earn the RSSA certificate. Determining when to claim your Social Security benefits can be challenging. Melody will help you navigate these pitfalls and answer questions you don’t know to ask. Melody will balance your Social Security choices with your overall retirement planning, so that you also have peace of mind. Speak with Melody Power — a trained advisor — for a consultation. If you decide to engage Melody Power, you’ll receive a comprehensive personalized analysis and advice that may provide you with thousands or tens of thousands more in lifetime benefits.

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    I appreciated Mrs. Power for assisting me with my Social Security analysis. What I admired the most is her integrity and confidentiality. She went above and beyond to patiently explain the information and data so that I could understand it. She researched information that applied to me and my personal situation and how the social security laws affected me. It is a treasure to know that someone will take the time to care that my needs and knowledge were considered. I was able to choose the right option for myself, received clearer explanations and information on the rules and laws of social security filing age and benefits. Everyone matters to her, and every person’s business is kept confidential and private. Having the knowledge to make the right decision helps avoid pitfalls later.
    Thank you Mrs. Power.

    Alfredia T.

    Alfredia T