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Melissa Warren
Santa Cruz, CA 95060, US


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Melissa Warren has received training in Social Security regulations, including claiming strategies for different situations. After taking the comprehensive course, Melissa has passed a proctored exam in order to earn the RSSA certificate. Determining when to claim your Social Security benefits can be challenging. Melissa will help you navigate these pitfalls and answer questions you don’t know to ask. Melissa will balance your Social Security choices with your overall retirement planning, so that you also have peace of mind. Speak with Melissa Warren — a trained advisor — for a consultation. If you decide to engage Melissa Warren, you’ll receive a comprehensive personalized analysis and advice that may provide you with thousands or tens of thousands more in lifetime benefits.

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    “Melissa Warren was EXCEPTIONAL at hearing my issue and immediately being able to direct me to the answer. Awesome and best use of 10 minutes EVER! Couldn’t find the definitive answer ANYWHERE else.”

    Edna Leo

    “I have an MBA in Finance and a law degree but even then, I know it is foolish not to engage a specialist to at least verify your findings. Melissa did a marvelous job uncovering critical path options that I was totally unaware of, as well as the categorizations of spousal and child benefits, and the optimal times when claims should be initiated – all extremely essential if you have a special needs child.”

    Terrance Mason

    “I worked with Melissa Warren. She provided outstanding service. The information I received was detailed and extremely valuable to me that allowed me to make the correct decision. I greatly appreciate how I was treated. Outstanding experience.”

    Bill Genna

    “Melissa is friendly and very knowledgeable about SSA benefits and rules. She was respectful of my time and punctual. She offered an open invitation for future questions that may arise. I felt valued and she was very patient with me.”

    Marc Welch