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Welcome to my webpage!

My mission is to educate the community, provide ways to maximize their social security retirement benefit, and optimize their net after-tax income to build a solid retirement plan that will last.

Social Security is a complex program that everyone has paid into most of our lives but navigating through tricky claiming processes has resulted in many not getting the money that they and their families deserve.

With over 75 million baby boomers, and approximately 10,000 of them, becoming eligible for benefits each day, it is more important than ever to be well-informed. By Law, Social Security Administration (SSA) employees are not allowed to give personalized advice beyond the basic benefits and amounts available to the worker at certain age.

According to current statistics, retirees will lose an estimated $68,000+ per household due to incorrect filling decisions.

The costs of those less-than-optimal decisions are high, especially for those who rely on social security benefits as their main source of income at retirement. For individuals that may have other sources of income, the risk of running out of money or paying too much in taxes can be stressful.

My own mother is in the second category and it was a relief for the both of us when we got educated on how to make sure that she will have retirement income that can last her whole life while affording her the lifestyle that she deserves.

Looking forward to contributing to your and your family’s future!

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Most People Leave Money on the Table


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Very few people get all the Social Security they deserve.


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The average household is losing $111,000 in potential income.

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Social Security gives you one chance to get it right – forever.

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