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Professional Profile

Kitchie is the owner and principal broker of Kitchie McBride MHA LLC dba KM Health Insurance Services. She mainly operates virtually, via zoom, or by phone. She is an independent and licensed Health Insurance Broker who focuses on all types of health insurance, including but not limited to: 


  • Individual & Family Health Plans
  • Group Health Plans
  • Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement Plans


Kitchie is an International Medical Graduate (IMG)—this means that she obtained a Medical Doctor degree in her native country, the Philippines, before moving to the US. Then, in the US, she pursued her Master’s in Health Administration, focusing on Informatics. 

She has over thirty years of experience in healthcare. She started on the clinical side. Eventually, she moved to health finance and health informatics/information technology, where she spent most of her time before starting her health insurance agency. 

For many years, Kitchie used software systems to conduct her analyses in business development, healthcare marketing, hospital and physician services pricing, and many more.  

With a thorough understanding of the US Healthcare System, Kitchie is dedicated to helping her clients by educating them on how to use their health plans to stay healthy and lower their healthcare costs. 

However, because Medicare benefits are tied to Social Security, Kitchie believes that understanding Social Security and its rules and regulations will benefit her clients and the community. 

Why work with Kitchie? She has been an analyst for many years, so she is a problem solver. In other words, she does the heavy lifting of “thinking and analyzing” to simplify something complicated. The aim is to help you understand your situation as you integrate your information with Social Security rules and regulations. 


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