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Did you know the Social Security Administration can answer questions but is not allowed to give advice? Getting answers can be frustrating, confusing and time consuming.  An RSSA, or Registered Social Security Advisor through NARSSA, can serve as an advisor, get answers for you and make personalized reports giving side by side benefit comparisons for a single person, or a couple, with a break-even chart showing monthly, annual and lifetime totals for various year combinations. 

When originating reverse mortgages, I constantly get social security questions when speaking to my clients and I would advise them to find a specialist but there aren’t any to be found.  Now as an RSSA, I can educate my clients, referral partners on both subjects and be more of a resource to the community.  

So, whether you have a question on your own social security retirement benefit, a spousal, survivor, child’s benefit or other topic such as the WEP and GPO penalties when working for a state employer, I can help.  There are over 2700 rules on social security, it can be difficult to navigate and having an independent report to compare to your own data versus what’s in the social security database is an important tool to have.  Feel free to contact me for a free 15 – minute consultation by emailing me or click the link below.

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    So a lot of this is math – and I wasn’t sure what more info I could get beyond that – but I was surprisingly wrong. It was a serious case of “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

    Besides the math being MUCH less straightforward than I thought (especially when one adds in the spouse’s numbers), there was a LOT of additional information I got from Kevin that strongly impacted this very difficult decision (of whether to SS payments early or not). Highly recommend spending the very reasonable fee, and the generous amount of time Kevin gives, to learn more about this important topic…

    Dave Blaker

    Kevin was warm, friendly and SO helpful! He solved an important issue for me within 10 minutes! I highly recommend him.

    Susan Jackson
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