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Dane Andersen was inspired to become a Registered Social Security Analyst by the experience he had years ago helping his parents decide when to take their Social Security benefits, seeing first-hand the huge impact it had on their lives. For many Americans Social Security is the largest part of their retirement income. Unfortunately, the program is very complicated and confusing. What is best for one person, or couple, may not be for another. Dane founded Your Social Security Decision with the mission to help people make their best Social Security claiming decision. 

Previously Dane was Global Commodity Price Risk Director at Mars, Incorporated. Over a career spanning 32 years he held various positions in purchasing and financial risk management. Dane holds an MS in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois and a BS in Agriculture from the University of Delaware. Dane enjoys hiking and camping. He’s a Tennessee Naturalist and serves on the Board of Directors at Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary. Dane lives with his wife and dog in Brentwood, TN.

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    I’m so happy I was able to connect with Dane regarding my Social Security options. The report that he provided will greatly assist me in making my decisions. Dane was professional, highly knowledgeable and so thorough in compiling the information. I know I will now be able to make a knowledgeable decision regarding my Social Security.

    Cheryl Cook

    “Dane provided me with a very clear understanding of what my next steps were. Because of his advice, I can definitely chart a path forward that will maximize my social security benefit. He even offered to help my ex-wife with hers. Great guy and an incredible talent. Thanks again Dane!”

    Ronald Charles (Chuck) Longino

    “As a non US citizen living abroad with a deceased US husband I had no knowledge of how to apply for survivor benefits. Dane Anderson was an invaluable source in guiding me to make such an application and thoroughly researched all the complexities of my status to enable me to submit a SS application with confidence. He was gracious, patient and proficient in the extreme. Do not hesitate to seek Dane’s assistance for a stress free SS application!”

    A. Bryson

    “Dane did an outstanding job assessing our family situation and analysis. He was patient as we did not have all the data. He was helpful in explaining how to focus o. Our future needs. Once he had all the data he ran many scenarios and explained to us what was the best strategy to maximize what we get from social security. The plan he came up with was at least $100,000 more beneficial than what we had planned. Sometimes we feel all we know how to figure it out it’s easy but in reality even with the best of knowledge we are armed with we don’t have the tools that Dane has and his attention to detail which provides great results. Thank you Dane from my family to yours”

    David Ragheb

    “We were at a loss recently when we received a letter from Social Security stating that we would be paid about $900 less in Social Security payments next year. That amount was determined by a $407,000+ salary we supposedly received in 2019. We could not get through to any Social Security offices, no responses to phone calls, or messages that their offices were closed. We were in a panic. Both my wife and I are almost 90 years old and I have been a retired minister for well over 10 years.

    My wife visited a number of web sites before finding one that listed information for RSSA and Dane Andersen. I called and when I spoke with him I discovered a man who was knowledgeable, helpful and patient. He went to work for us, helping us complete all the paper work necessary to clear up this error on the part of Social Security.

    Last week we received a call from Social Security to inform us that the matter had been settled and we should receive a letter stating this fact.

    Mr. Andersen proved to be very helpful to us at a time when we needed it and we are grateful to him.”

    Ronald Chandler Sr.

    “Dane was incredibly knowledgeable about the social security strategies available to us and provided us with a recommendation that will maximize our benefits. He gave my wife and I a very clear picture of our actual monthly retirement benefits. The understanding of our benefits gives us a solid foundation upon which we will build a plan for a financially secure retirement. Many thanks to to Dane for his guidance and assistance.”

    Erik Andersen