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About Dale and RSSA®

Dale Walker is a Registered Social Security Analyst® (RSSA®) located in Southern California.  He serves clients locally in the Inland Empire, throughout the state of California, and across the United States.  

Those financial professionals who attain the RSSA® designation have completed extensive coursework on Social Security regulations, including training on the various types of Social Security benefits available, eligibility requirements, avoiding common mistakes, and understanding claiming strategies for various situations.  The RSSA® designation is conferred following successful completion of a proctored exam where knowledge and skill in the subject of Social Security must be demonstrated.

What to Expect

When to claim Social Security is a question that does not have a “one-size-fits-all” answer.  The age at which it is best to claim benefits depends on each person’s and couple’s unique scenario.  That includes how the claiming decision for Retirement benefits also affects Spousal and Survivor benefits later.  Additionally, Social Security rules and requirements are of a type that “what you don’t know can hurt you”.  As a Registered Social Security Analyst®, Dale can model out various claiming strategies for comparison as well as help avoid pitfalls that aren’t always obvious.  Having the knowledge and understanding to optimize Social Security benefits can make a significant difference in the amount of benefits received over a retiree’s lifetime.

For the retiree or pre-retiree client who engages Dale’s service, the results of the RSSA® Roadmap process provide a clear Social Security plan to get the most from the client’s benefits that have been earned through a lifetime of work.  The Roadmap results are illustrated in a detailed report showing analysis and recommendations for various Social Security claiming and retirement scenarios.   

For many retirees, Social Security benefits are a part of an overall financial plan.  Dale will work in collaboration with his client’s other financial professionals to ensure Social Security is an integral part of the overall financial plan.  That includes options for claiming benefits for optimum payout, funding retirement while waiting to claim Social Security benefits later, increasing the likelihood of retirement portfolio longevity to avoid depleting assets early, and considerations for survivor benefits after one spouse passes away.

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To start the conversation with Dale, simply complete the Contact Me form (or click the Get Started button) or call (949) 632-1828.  

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    Dale Walker gave thorough and useful information and answered all my questions so I could really understand my Social Security benefits and how the way the Social Security system calculates benefits. I found that it was especially helpful to receive information that was in depth regarding how Social Security benefits and other forms of income earned while receiving Social Security could effect my taxes.
    I now feel ready and have a plan going into my 60s so I can get the most out of my benefits. While reading the Social Security website is helpful, it is so much better to talk and ask questions to get a good idea of what you want to do, and I am very thankful I was able to discuss my particular situation and options available to me with Mr. Walker. It was an excellent educational session that I believe will lead to less financial problems for myself in retirement.

    Cynthia Chesy

    Dale is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He put together a detailed and thorough analysis for me and my husband that is invaluable for helping us make the decision on when to file for social security. He walked through it with us explaining how the calculations were determined. He also identified a couple of things we need to pay special attention to when working with the SSA to file. He was generous with his time and offered to collaborate with our financial planner.

    We highly recommend Dale.

    Debra Stanfill

    Dale was exceptional with providing and explaining the reports needed for us to make the correct decision on when to draw Social Security, he took to time to review each scenario and made sure we understood each option.

    Highly recommended!

    James & Norma Morales

    Dale’s in depth review helped me and my wife decide on the best course to take on our Social Security. The different options and analysis were
    Very helpful.

    Donald Silva

    Dale was excellent to work with! He was patient with me in the pre-meeting process of creating my Social Security account, and in helping me gather and download the info he needed to create my Roadmap analysis. Prior to our meeting, he guided me through the various reports he sent me so that I would be informed and know what questions to ask when we did meet. During the meeting itself, he thoroughly explained the details found on the reports, and ran me through a number of different scenarios that applied to both myself and my wife’s benefits. I came away from the meeting with a better understanding of my options, and will be back in touch with him once I get closer to drawing my Social Security benefits.

    Kevin Caldwell
    Disclaimer: RSSA® and National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts (NARSSA) are not affiliated with the Social Security Administration. Dale Walker, RSSA®, does not offer tax or financial planning advice. Clients should contact an appropriate professional for those services. RSSA® services provide analysis and and information which a client may use to make their own decisions for claiming Social Security benefits. Any services by Dale Walker for mortgage are provided under the appropriate NMLS and DRE licenses and are not related to services provided as an RSSA®.