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#Essential Resource Business Owner , #Registered Social Security Analyst #Lisenced Financial Professional # Retired BSN, Registered Nurse #  # America’s Health Insurance Plans(AHIP) Medicare Specialist. ,#Ambassador For Healthy Reign Pads, #Health and Wealth Educator Service Provider.

 It is a blessing and a privilege to serve you. Our advocate team is devoted to family matters of essential resource services that support specialized applied knowledge for Retirement and Health and Wellness planning. Continuing education, and evidence based practice is our strategy model. 

Our practice provides options that support family objectives, and personal goals. A pathway of achieving a better life experience is finding the right financial plan designed for you. Financial confidence provides peace of mind. We believe in providing solutions , by aligning personal values in understanding how money works in various financial strategies. Your interest Is our concern.

 More and more retirees realize they need expert advice on claiming Social Security benefits. Most People are not receiving Social Security Dollars they have earned and deserve. As your Community Social Security Analyst, lets take a chance and get it right together forever! “Securing Today and Tomorrow. ” 

Thank you for your Time and Business  Mrs. Beverly ~_~

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    I first met Beverly thru my daughter in Texas late in March of 2022. As I look back at our first conversation, I felt as if God had tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Beverly is someone you can trust, and she will be a great help to you.” From that first conversation I knew she understood my situation and would give me as much assistance, encouragement, and advice as I needed.

    Throughout the last several months Beverly has gone over and above in assisting me with the process of contacting the Social Security Administration, especially in letter writing to the Acting Commissioner and Inspector General, as well as speaking with other SSA offices. While working together, her advice and encouragement has been extremely helpful.

    I remain hopeful that the process of settling this situation with SS is getting close to complete, but until it is, I know I can count on Beverly to walk the last mile with me. I am so very grateful to have met such a wonderful professional and caring human being.

    Susanne Pugh
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