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YOU CAN RETIRE. Social Security will be gone by 2030—WRONG! Did you know those born 1960 & beyond your Full Retirement Age is 67. 

People working at SSA cannot advise you on your options. 

Social Security will not vanish in the 2030’s—yes, we’ve all heard otherwise. 

It wasn’t until I received my certification as a Retirement Social Security Analyst (RSSA) that I started understanding how Social Security works. 

Social Security being called an ‘entitlement program’ which implies it’s being given to anyone and everyone. We all know the FICA tax (Social Security & Medicare) is a compulsory tax. None of us has the option NOT to pay the FICA tax & we must QUALIFY so this is a BENEFIT that we are all paying into the program. 

Click on ‘SCHEDULE A CALL’ button and let’s have a quick 10-minute chat to get a question or two but understand the best option to understand how to maximize your benefit is to do an analysis.

This is a fee- based service. Single person $450, Couple $650 ( married couple/siblings or 2 friends) 

We only speak about Social Security or Social Security related topics— if you want to talk about other retirement income options this is a separate appointment. 

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