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When envisioning your retirement, understanding your financial needs and income sources becomes paramount. Social Security benefits typically serve as a cornerstone of retirement income for many Americans, yet navigating when to begin receiving these benefits can be daunting. This decision hinges on various factors unique to your circumstances and financial objectives, both immediate and long-term.

As you approach retirement, doubts and questions about your financial plan may surface with increasing frequency. With over 25 years of expertise in insurance and financial services, Andrea specializes in providing comprehensive evaluations tailored to your specific needs. Her personalized approach includes a detailed 21-page analysis of your Social Security benefits, guidance on selecting the most suitable Medicare options, and strategies to safeguard your portfolio against longevity risk.

To dispel any uncertainties surrounding your retirement strategy or to stay abreast of the latest Social Security and Medicare updates for 2024, I invite you to reach out by completing the “contact me” form. Together, we can schedule a meeting or phone call to explore how Andrea’s expertise can help fortify your retirement plan for the years ahead.

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