Become a Social Security Expert

Earn Your Continuing Education Credits:
Learn everything you need to know about Social Security and be positioned to add advisory services to your clients.

  • CPAs: 15.5 CPE credits
  • EAs & PTIN holders: 10 CE credits
  • CFPs: 8.5 CE credits

Training & Education

5 Self-Study Courses

Learn Social Security strategies & law, how to use specialized software to maximize your client’s Social Security benefits, and grow your business.

The 5 modules are designed so that you can study and pass them at your own pace. It is estimated it will take you 15-25 hours to take these modules. Each module will have its own exam of 40 multiple-choice questions. Module exams are open-book and have no time limit.

The RSSA Competency Final Exam

After passing all five courses you have the opportunity to earn your RSSA credential and become a Registered Social Security Analyst. The RSSA Competency Final Exam is a two-part exam. Part I includes 80 multiple-choice questions, and Part II includes a case study where you are required to use financial software to generate what-if scenarios for maximizing a client’s Social Security benefits.

Upon passing the RSSA Competency Final Exam, you will have demonstrated that you have a foundation of education and understanding of issues related to Social Security and Medicare. Those who have passed the final exam may proudly display the RSSA designation after their name.

Become a Social Security Expert