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RSSA Elite Program for Insurance Agents

Join Today to Lock Up Your Exclusive School District

Option 1: Appointed with Solutions Brokerage Network LLC
– Enrollment Fee: $1,950
– RSSA® Final Exam Fee: $350

Option 2: Not appointed with Solutions Brokerage Network LLC
– Enrollment Fee: $1,950
– RSSA® Final Exam Fee: $350
– Monthly Territory/Marketing Fee: $200/Month (After earning RSSA® Credential)


The RSSA® Elite Program is a turn-key Social Security education, technology, marketing, and support program to turn you into the trusted Social Security expert in your community. We will facilitate setting you up as an instructor in your school district, library and community centers to hold seminars and classes. This results in organic Medicare, Insurance, and Wealth Management sales opportunities.

  • Lockup your exclusive territory as an RSSA® Social Security Adult Ed Instructor
  • We train you and provide you with the curriculum
  • We register you with your school district, library and community center to hold seminars and classes
  • Hundreds of Baby Boomers a year will attend your seminars and classes to optimize their future Social Security benefits
  • Those same individuals will meet you one-on-one for Retirement Planning
  • Create client relationships that are loyal and don’t jump ship during open enrollment
  • Fill seats in educational seminars which have converted at a 5X ROI
  • Grow a new pipeline of opportunities, leveraging RSSA® Social Security Optimization tools
  • Integrate RSSA Roadmap® software as a holistic approach to retirement planning, leading to increased sales
  • RSSA® is the only program that makes introductions to local centers of influence including CPAs and accountants

RSSA Elite Program:
For Insurance Agents Only

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Become the Elite Social Security Expert in your Community
  • The RSSA® program trains you and offers continuing support, as an insurance agent specializing in Social Security
  • Gain the competitive edge with baby boomers moving into the Social Security and Medicare eligible age
  • Increase an individual’s lifetime Social Security benefits by tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Grow your book of business and transition Social Security prospects into your insurance and retirement planning clients

The RSSA® Elite program is comprehensive and professional set of tools, software, resources and marketing assets including one on one back-office agent support which will successfully walk an agent through a process that will significantly position them as an Authority in the Social Security space. This then translates into building a qualified pipeline of consumers for Medicare, Insurance or Wealth Management sales. Education, empathy, and a compassionate understanding of where a client is on their life journey, and addressing what they’re worried about is essential in today’s world and requires a holistic approach that uncovers client motivation by letting them know that you sincerely understand them and care for what is in their best interest.

The RSSA® Elite Adult Ed program is an exclusive opportunity for Insurance Agents only. Lockup up your school district territory today.

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