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Hello, I’m Branden, the guiding force behind Bohuslav Insurance Group, where I serve as an Independent Medicare Agent and Social Security Analyst. My path into this field was shaped by personal experiences that revealed the complexities and emotional challenges people face with Medicare and Social Security. The realization hit me when I moved into my new home and found the mailbox overflowing with Medicare solicitations for the previous resident. This overwhelming flood of information made me think about the confusion and stress that many feel when navigating Medicare. I felt a deep calling to bring clarity and support to those struggling through this maze.

My path took a more defined direction thanks to my wife, who works at a CPA firm. She shared stories of individuals in their ‘gap years’—the delicate time between retirement and starting Social Security— trying to find their footing between retirement and starting Social Security benefits, often feeling lost and unsupported. These stories revealed a critical need for guidance that I was determined to fulfill. Driven by a desire to make a difference, I became a registered Social Security analyst, committing myself to bridging this gap.

In this role, I am not just an analyst; I am a guide, helping my clients navigate Social Security with personalized plans that reflect their unique situations. I understand that the decision of when to start drawing Social Security benefits is as personal as it gets, similar to making healthcare choices. It’s about finding that sweet spot where financial stability meets peace of mind.

I founded Bohuslav Insurance Group with a mission to be more than just an insurance and Social Security resource- our motto is ‘healthcare and retirement solutions that feel like home’. My aim is to provide support, helping individuals minimize taxes, maximize income, and secure their health care with confidence. In a world filled with uncertainty, I strive to be the certainty my clients need, ensuring they feel understood, supported, and cared for every step of the way. 

My services are always free to Medicare and Social Security Beneficiaries, reach out today. 

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